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Lady Luck is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Vault-Tec Workshop quest: Lady Luck
Build and power the Slot Machine
Connect a terminal to the Slot Machine and select experiment parameters
Let Clem gamble for an hour
Report back to the Overseer

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The final experiment focuses on attempting to harness peoples' vices to increase productivity. Valery Barstow wants to focus on greed, and as such has a prototype slot machine for you to build, power, and set parameters.

Because Barstow herself created the prototype, there are no R&D team notes available on each parameter, but instead can be accessed in her notes under the second menu. You can choose from: Indentured Servitude, Customer Profiling, or Lost Revenue to make the resident win every time.

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