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Ladies auxiliary tape 5 is a holotape in Fallout 4. It is a recording between Rebecca Linkowski and Jennie, a child.


In Hawthorne Estate, on the counter in the kitchen.



Rebecca Linkowski: Okay, hon. Just say it right into the little box here.
Jennie: This is a recording of the Ladies' Watch awks... axe ill... axe ill of Larry? Uh, of Boston.
Rebecca: Say your name, precious.
Jennie: Jennie! Oh, right. This is Jennie speaking.
Rebecca: Okay, sweetheart, and what are we doing tonight?
Jennie: Spying on uncle Jake!
Rebecca: Uh. No, honey. The other thing.
Jennie: Oh, right. We're catching bad guys! Aunt Becka, is Uncle Jake a bad guy?
Rebecca: Only when he's had too much juice, princess. Now grab your coat, we're heading out.

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