La Coiffe is a magazine in Fallout 4.


Reading an issue grants you additional hairstyles available at the barber.

Magazine issuesEdit

Issue Location Location Description Hairstyles granted Base ID
#1 Megaton Hair Fallon's department store In the upper floor octagonal room, by the steamer trunk, west side of the building near the roof exit. Megaton Hair (Female) 0009473e
#2 The Hornet's Nest Charlestown laundry In a shopping basket on top of one of the washing machines. The actual location is southeast of Bunker Hill. The building has a Joe's Spuckie Billboard ontop of it. It's right beside the river. Hornet's Nest (Female) Anchorage (Male) 001c63ed


  • It is possible to obtain the "Anchorage" haircut as well. After collecting both issues of La Coiffe, the hairstyle will become unlocked and can be applied at any barber shop in the Commonwealth.
  • Issue #2 respawns after a while and can be collected again, but does then not add anything new.
  • For unknown reason, issues 3, 4, and 5 were cut from the game.
  • fosGametitle-FOS The cut magazine covers can be seen in Fallout Shelter after building a Barbershop room.


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