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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Larry, a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel in Lost Hills.


{100}{}{You see a Knight.}
{101}{}{Hello Initiate. I'm Larry, how may I help you?}
{102}{}{Vree said you could show me a laser pistol?}
{103}{}{Vree said you could give me a laser pistol.}
{105}{}{Uh, okay...}
{106}{}{Uh, yea. These things are great. It's range is... well, as far as you can see. (Larry continues to talk for what seems like hours, but you seem to pick a few things up about the use of energy weapons.)}
{107}{}{Huh? But she knows these aren't ready yet... Oh, she must have meant show. Yea, I can show you. You see it runs off of energy cells that are constructed out of... (Larry goes on for what seems hours but you seem to pick a few things up about energy weapons.)}
{108}{}{Sure she did. I think you should leave outsider.}
{109}{}{I don't like liars, please leave.}
{200}{}{This isn't right at all.}
{201}{}{There we go.}
{202}{}{The firing mechanism keeps jamming.}
{203}{}{That's much better.}
{204}{}{Almost got it.}
{205}{}{This is going to take a while.}
{206}{}{That's the problem!}
{207}{}{John, I think I isolated the problem.}
{210}{}{My fault!}
{211}{}{I'm okay.}
{212}{}{Okay, that hurt.}
{213}{}{I meant to do that.}
{214}{}{Why does that keep happening?}
{215}{}{My eyes!}
{216}{}{You're not a knight.}
{217}{}{I need to talk to a knight.}
{218}{}{I don't understand, the power cells keep shorting out.}
{219}{}{You should stand back these can be dangerous.}
{220}{}{Please don't distract me.}
{221}{}{Watch where you're standing.}
{222}{}{You lost?}
{223}{}{Sorry, I can't talk right now.}
{300}{}{Energy Weapons increases 5%.}