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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Lance, a traveling guard from Shady Sands, cut from Fallout.


{100}{}{You see a weary traveler.}
{101}{}{You see Lance, one of the guards from Shady Sands' long-range patrols.}
{102}{}{Just stay where you are. We've heard about you in Shady Sands and we want no part of you.}
{103}{}{The only part of you that I want is what you're carrying. Strip down.}
{104}{}{I'm a man of peace, friend.}
{105}{}{Hey, didn't I save Tandi and kill off all your radscorpions?}
{106}{}{I have no quarrel with Shady Sands. I kinda like the place.}
{108}{}{I heard about you, and I ain't letting you kill me.}
{109}{}{I don't have anything to say to you.}
{110}{}{Yeah? What d'ya want this time?}
{111}{}{Would you know where I could find a water chip?}
{112}{}{Any sign of Tandi?}
{113}{}{Any problems with raiders lately?}
{114}{}{How are things in Shady Sands?}
{116}{}{Hello, stranger. What brings you out in the wastes? Where are you from?}
{117}{}{I could ask the same thing about you.}
{118}{}{Sorry friend, but I get the impression that's a rather dangerous question to answer.}
{119}{}{Know any place good to get supplies?}
{120}{}{I'm from a Vault. Lucky Vault 13!}
{122}{}{Hello, stranger. I'd recommend that you keep on moving, if you know what's good for you.}
# After line 123, the player-character's name is inserted by the code, and
# then line 124 or line 131 is added.
{123}{}{Hello, }
{124}{}{. I thought you were our friend when you rescued Tandi, but now I hear some real nasty rumors about you. Are they true?}
{125}{}{People say all sorts of things. Who cares?}
{126}{}{I ain't your friend. And if you make a wrong move, I'll spill your innards. You got that?}
{127}{}{What kind of rumors?}
{128}{}{Yeah. They're all true. Now strip down so I can take what you've got.}
{129}{}{Maybe I've done a few things I regret, but you should know better than believing that crap.}
{130}{}{. Am I glad it's you and not some raider! How's it going! I'm Lance, one of the guards over in Shady Sands. Sorry we gave you such a hard time when you first came to town!}
{131}{}{Hi Lance, what's up?}
{132}{}{Hi Lance. I used to be a nice person, but then life screwed me. Now strip down and hand over your stuff.}
{133}{}{Don't sweat it, Lance. What are you doing out here alone?}
{134}{}{Fine. But I'll remember this.}
{135}{}{Up yours.}
{136}{}{Spare me the idle threats, boy. I kill children like you in my sleep. Hand over your belongings, and I may let you live.}
{137}{}{If you really think I'm a threat, go ahead and kill me.}
{138}{}{Let's make a wrong move. I always wanted to see what my innards look like.}
{139}{}{That was then, this is now. What have you done for us lately? I think you better leave before I get ornery.}
{140}{}{We like it too. Especially when you're not in it. Now get!}
{141}{}{Man, you musta spent too much time in the Glow!}
{142}{}{I don't know what a water chip is. Sorry.}
{143}{}{It's an electronic device used in water purification systems.}
{144}{}{How's the radscorpion problem?}
{145}{}{The raiders got her. I'm part of one of the search parties. I think she's at the raider camp south of Shady Sands, but the Khans have the place sealed up like a fortress.}
{146}{}{Can you take me to Shady Sands?}
{147}{}{Can you take me to the Khans?}
{148}{}{We'll have to find a way to get her back.}
{149}{}{Thanks for the information. Good luck with the search.}
{150}{}{Uh, yeah, but we're handling it a little better since the Khans got their bloody nose. I understand we have you to thank for that. We're grateful.}
{151}{}{I wouldn't mind seeing a little gratitude.}
{152}{}{Thanks. Anything else I can do?}
{153}{}{Let me know if they bother you again.}
{154}{}{We're doing okay.}
{155}{}{Are you sure about that?}
{156}{}{That's great.}
{157}{}{I haven't a clue. Idiot.}
{158}{}{Okay, I'll trust you. I'm from Shady Sands. We're a community not far from here.}
{159}{}{Could you take me there?}
{160}{}{What's the town like?}
{161}{}{Any water chips there?}
{162}{}{Sounds like a nice place.}
{163}{}{Well, you keep your secrets, I'll keep mine. Good bye.}
{164}{}{Maybe it is. A pity, though.}
{165}{}{I've been to Junktown. I think it's southwest of here, but I've been traveling for so many days it's hard to tell.}
{166}{}{Yeah, right. All the Vaults were destroyed, as far as I know. Tell me another one.}
{167}{}{That's not what I was asking . . . oh, never mind!}
{168}{}{That's not an answer. They call you assassin, thief, grave-robber. They say you'll kill anyone who gets in your path. Is it true?}
{169}{}{Well, I haven't killed you yet, so obviously someone's lying.}
{170}{}{Pretty much. I've had my share of good times.}
{171}{}{I've made my share of enemies. I've left enough of them alive to slander me.}
{172}{}{I've killed quite a few people, yeah. I always had a reason.}
{173}{}{They call you assassin, thief, grave-robber. They say you'll kill anyone who gets in your path. Is it true?}
{174}{}{Okay, I'll do it. But if you keep acting like a raider, you'll die like a raider.}
{175}{}{I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, for now. But a man's only as good as his reputation, and yours could use some work. I hope you'll do something about it before we meet again.}
{176}{}{Just heading back to town. You wanna come along? I could use the company.}
{178}{}{Not today.}
{179}{}{A little bit of scavenging. We've found a few abandoned raider bases that haven't been picked clean; I suspect they've been attacking each other. We can always use more ammo and chems.}
{180}{}{I'm going to regret this.}
{181}{}{Get out of my sight before I come to my senses.}
{182}{}{We're still seeing a few; they must be migrating from the high desert or the Glow. But it's a lot better now than it was last year, thanks to you.}
{183}{}{Sounds good. Bye.}
{184}{}{Sure. Let's go.}
{185}{}{Man, I must be out of my mind. But I'll take you. Let's go.}
{186}{}{Have a good suicide, friend. And for what it's worth, good luck.}
{187}{}{I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.}
{188}{}{Well, I don't have much, but what's mine is yours.}
{189}{}{Not that I can think of. I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.}
{190}{}{We will. I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.}
{191}{}{Well, okay. Let's go.}
{192}{}{I won't lead a possible enemy home. If you do make your way to Shady Sands, keep your nose clean.}
{193}{}{Small. We make our living herding Brahmin. It's pretty rough country around here, and pasture land is rather precious.}
{194}{}{In a Brahmin herding backwater? You've gotta be crazy! There's probably not a working piece of electronics within two hundred miles.}
{195}{}{You got a point. I think we should play things cautious and go our separate ways. If I were you, I'd do something about those stories. Unless you like people hating and mistrusting you.}
{196}{}{I should kill you right now. You cross my path again, and I will. Now get.}
{197}{}{Let's go.}
{198}{}{Let me guess, someone told you about my snoring. Oh well. You take care of yourself.}
{199}{}{It is. Well, I'm heading out. You take care of yourself.}
{200}{}{Just you stay where you are. I don't know if you're in league with those mutants, but if you are, I'll kill you.}
{201}{}{What mutants?}
{202}{}{Who are you?}
{203}{}{What happened to you?}
{204}{}{Okay, that's cool.}
{206}{}{The mutants overran Shady Sands. Must of use are dead. I guess it's only a matter of time before they get the rest of us.}
{207}{}{I don't care what you say, what you ask. We're all dead! All of us! And I thought the raiders and the rad scorpions were bad . . . they were nothing! Ha! Ha ha ha!}
{208}{}{Shut up! I don't feel like talking! Talking accomplishes nothing! Talking just bores the hell out of me . . .}