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The L.O.B. Enterprises terminal entries are a series of terminal entries found in the L.O.B. Enterprises building in Fallout 3. These entries are recorded and archived in Servers 8 and 9.


General entriesEdit

Memo to All Personnel: Emergency ProtocolsEdit


Weapons Policy #H31

As standard policy, all employees are required to carry low-grade military-class weaponry at all times (see HR Policy#A12). In the event of a hostile takeover, your desk can be used as a makeshift barricade. Position the desk between yourself and your opponent, then crouch behind the desk while firing any weapon approved on Form B43-2.

NOTE: Cafeteria privileges will be suspended in the event of a hostile takeover.

Memo: Emergency ProceduresEdit


Evacuation Policy #T01

In the event of emergency evacuation scenario F1-a, all executive staff not under penalty are to be evacuated from the building via the archives and connected civic tunnels. All other personnel will remain behind to safeguard active projvects(sic) from imminent Federal inquiry.

All employees are tasked with barricading the main doors, and will be further tasked with keeping the building secured until 5:00 PM, or until the Chief of Security enacts protocol #T81. The usual lunch break will be suspended for that day.

Emergency ProceduresEdit


Inclement Weather Policy #C31

In the event of extreme winter (nuclear) conditions, all employees are required to proceed to human resources and complete forms D87-a, D87-b, H04-1, and A14-3, addendum 7. In accordance with company policy #L83, employees will be issued iodine tablets, personal geiger counter, meal rations, and sworn into the sovereign L.O.B. republic.

Memo: How to Respond to Federal RaidsEdit


Internal Memorandum

Due to the increased awareness of our upcoming project milestone, you and your fellow employees may be required to initiate Emergency Defensive Procedures, as outlined in the Employee Handbook. If required, please review policies #H31, #L04, #L05, #P55, #T01.

Your continued adherence to company policy is appreciated.

Memo: Weapon Practice Tonight?Edit


From: McCoy, Derrick
To: Entire Company

Subject: Weapon Practice Tonight?

If anyone would like to practice with their "low-grade, military-class" company issue, Sam and I will be shooting rounds off in the yard at 7:00PM.


Man the DoorsEdit


From: Warring, Joanna
To: Entire Company

Subject: Oh, !@#


Memo: Company Policy: Caps in EmailsEdit


From: Director of Human Resources
To: Entire Company

Subject: Caps in Emails

I would like to remind everyone that, despite the impending Federal invasion, standard company policy is still in effect. Specifically, do not write emails in all caps. This style is offensive to your coworkers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lab entriesEdit

Lab entry #1Edit


Lab Report: Prototype ZRIN-363
Experimental prototype makes extensive use of hardware common to liquid ammunition flame projection weapons. While initial test results were impressive, extreme weight of unit (118.3kg) and fume inhalation rendered most test subjects incapable of firing the unit or remaining conscious under typical field conditions.

Lab entry #2Edit


Lab Report: Prototype ZRIN-375
Prototype introduces proprietary ammunition type. Conventional 10mm shells house a caplet containing amalgamating agents. When the caplet was broken in lab tests, localized fireburst and shrapnel projection met requirements for project. However, in field tests amalgam caplet ammunition proved too fragile, and several detonated from excessive vibration or walk speed.

Lab entry #3Edit


Lab Report: Prototype ZRIN-401
Prototype attempts to refine results of acumist coating within weapon barrel. Initial tests showed promise. As predicted, delivery friction super-heats projectile as it is delivered from the weapon, and conventional 10mm ammunition can be used. However; during live-fire testing, subjects firing the weapon in rapid succession suffered severe burns to the fingers and palm.

Lab entry #4Edit


Lab Report: Prototype ZRIN-418
Prototype refines acumist barrel experiments by addition of retardant jacketing, as well as internal heat diffusers. Rate of fire diminished from un-modified version of weapon. Conventional 10mm ammunition does not fully liquefy until impact, giving the 418 exceptional accuracy compared to earlier prototypes. Live-fire tests report no major casualties. Recommend ZRIN-418 as production candidate.

Other entriesEdit

Security entry #1Edit


Saved Memo - Attn: Security Captain

Mr. Humbert -

I'm informed that Federal Investigators are interrogating Mrs. Johansson in the main lobby. Please enact security protocol C6-88 as outlined in your security handbook, addendum 4.

Executive entry #1Edit


Happy Liberty Imports
Special Instruction:
Do not leave w/receptionist.
Deliver directly to CEO only.

Sexual Harassment ChargeEdit


From: Director of Human Resources
To: Johnson, Samuel
Mr. Johnson,
I would like to remind you that company policy forbids any form of harassment between employees, sexual or otherwise.
Specifically, you will refrain from greeting any female employee with the phrase: "Hey doll, want to see if this is a grenade in my pocket, or if I'm just happy to see you?"
This statement is not only offensive and inappropriate, but could be considered a misuse of company-issued grenades (see Form B43).

Cut contentEdit

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Memo: Hostile WorkplaceEdit


From: McAndrews, Jeanne
To: Director of Human Resources
Subject: Hostile Workplace
Look, I agreed to sign on to this project, I agreed to carry a gun for this project, and dammit, I've shot people for this project -- but I never agreed to go out with Sam Johnson.
Ever since the company started handing out the emergency defense supplies, that jackass has repeatedly attacked me and the other female staff with cheap lines and come-ons.
If you expect us to get this project done, then stop Sam from talking about the "grenade in his pocket" or I'm out of here along with the entire female staff.

Re: Weapon PracticeEdit


From: McAndrews, Jeanne
To: McCoy, Derrick
Subject: Re: Weapon Practice Tonight?
Sure, I'll definitely be there. I wouldn't miss a chance to have my weapon accidentally discharge and hit that "grenade" in Sam's pocket.

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