Knick Knacks are toys that can be picked up in Fallout 4, but cannot be salvaged or broken down. These are mostly used to decorate your home, but can be sold for a fair amount of caps. You can build many robot models, ranging in quality, if you're lucky enough to find them.

The standard versions of the robot models, i.e. not the parts models, can occasionally be found at random in the Vault-Tec lunchboxes scattered throughout the game. Clicking on the lunchboxes yields a random small item, either a consumable or a small junk item. There are a number of these lunchboxes scattered throughout the Commonwealth, and each one is another chance to try for one of the five standard robot models. It may take a while, but patience and careful searching can pay off here.

If you attempt to sell any of the models to a vendor, you will receive the message: "You cannot sell quest items". This would seem to suggest that they may be used in a quest somewhere.

Knick KnacksEdit

Item name weight Value Model kit location(s)
Buttercup toy 2 150 Given to the player by Arlen Glass at The Slog after giving him the holotape from his daughter, which is found in the Atomatoys Executive Office on his terminal.
Eyebot model 0 100 Fallon's department store, in the 2nd level "employees only" storage room, on the shelves.
Mr. Gutsy model 0 100 Boston mayoral shelter, in the blue wallpapered bedroom, east of the stairs.
Mr. Handy model 0 100 Hugo's Hole, on the metal shelf.
Protectron model 0 100 Revere Beach station, in the locked garage with a Railroad sign.
Sentry bot model 0 100 O'Neill family manufacturing, through the concrete hole, in the buried room on the metal table.
Robot parts model 0 0 Lake Cochituate, Northeast shore, in the ramshackle settler shacks.
Robot parts model 0 0 Mahkra Fishpacking, inside small concrete maintenance building (Advanced lockpicking required).
Robot parts model 0 0 Poseidon Reservoir, up the broken pipe between the plant and warehouse (south), to the Railroad dead drop.