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Freeside is the Kings' turf. Remember that.

The Kings are a gang of greasers operating in Freeside in 2281.


Originally tribals, like most factions seen in New Vegas, the soon to be Kings found an old building emblazoned in rock and roll. Inside they found holotapes, jackets, and a seemingly unlimited supply of hair gel to follow in the footsteps of one great leader. It was jested that the building may have been a site for cult worship of an icon known only as 'The King'. Here to stay, the Kings claim this side of town as their own.

The leader known only as The King, is currently facing a challenge as the NCR appears to be threatening their territory. The King is hoping they aren't the devil in disguise.


Here to stay, the Kings claim this side of town as their own. Not shy to make a few caps, the Kings offer safe escort through Freeside and will even help you fill your water canteen for a price. Besides these few "services" the Kings generally follow a strict code of suave chivalry.

Relations with the outside

Some members, namely Pacer, seem to butt heads with the local factions more than others. Stationed NCR troops engage in minor disputes that can be resolved in various ways to achieve a level of peace in Freeside. These events are largely played out through one of the faction's main quests, G.I. Blues. In a second quest, Nothin' But a Hound Dog The King requests that the player help his dog, Rex.


The Kings are armed with .357 magnum revolvers, 10mm SMG's or 10mm pistols. Their light uniforms, Jailhouse Rocker, Memphis kid outfit and Kings outfit, can be equipped as well. Sergio is a special King wielding a unique straight razor named Figaro.


  • Talking to a King after completing the quest Nothin' But a Hound Dog will cause the kings to occasionally say "Hey isn't that the Kings dog" even if you dont have Rex (Fallout: New Vegas) on you.
  • The Kings will ask you if you are looking to join the Kings, even if you're already a member.


The Kings appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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