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Gametitle-FO4 NW
Gametitle-FO4 NW

The King Cola's Castle Tower terminal entries are several entries found on one terminal at the King Cola's Castle Tower in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Rachel's terminalEdit


= <User "R. Watkins" signed in> =

User Logs...Edit


= User Logs =
= < Rachel Watkins Signed In> =

I got the part!Edit


I got the "Princess Cherry" part! Technically Dad thinks I got an internship working with the Beverageers. At least I got a job working at Nuka-World, which means I can wait and get to know some of them before applying. I mean, I love acting but I still want to put that rather expensive organic chemistry degree to god use.

My boyfriend Oswald and the rest of the gang passed out here in the tower after they threw me a party. All of us got drunk and came up with this ridiculous plan to take over the park if the war ever got bad... like, nuclear bad. We all agreed, but instead of shaking on it, we did a round of shots. Here's to 2077, I hope it's a hell of a year!

Moving on upEdit


We've got our defenses set up now and thiings are starting to look a little bit better. Thanks to my background, I've sort of become the unofficial doctor of our raggety little bunch. Oswald has been so supportive, and he's continued to manage this whole crisis like a real leader. I'm so proud of him.

Whatever that horrible radiation storm did to us, everyone is having bad reactions, but there are other literally dying from it. I wish I could do more to help everyone, but I'm an organic chemist, not a surgeon. I don't have the heart to tell people that as they're dying in my arms, so I just keep it to myself and try to give them hope.

The AfflictionEdit


My good friend Fran succumbed to the Affliction a few days ago and I've just been a wreck. Dean and Oswald boarded her up in a house before she tried to attack anyone which I don't think I could have taken. Oswald stayed the night up here and just held me while I cried. I tried to apologize to him for falling apart like this when he needed me to be strong, but I knew her since elementary school and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I hate this place.

Magic is real?Edit


There was a huge attack this week that pushed us all the way back to the castle gate. Just when we were about to fall back to the theater, a bunch of Afflicted started crawing out of their houses and started helping us out!

But as our attackers were retreating, my body froze when I saw a stray bullet hit Dean and it looked like he was dead. But, Oswald did... something. This glow came out of his body, flowing like a wave. Suddenly, Dean started breathing again! After the attack ended, we all looked at Oswald who started muttering something about using "real magic." Most of us didn't know what to think. Me? I don't care what the hell you call it, maybe we can use it to cure the Affliction. Either way, I gave him a huge kiss for saving Dean's life.

Leaving to find a cureEdit


We've tried everything we can think of, exhaused every option. Not even Oswald's "powers" can seem to stop the Affliction. There are only a handful of us left and we're running out of time. I don't know what wil get us first, the Raiders who moved into Nuka-Town, or the Affliction.

So that's it. I've talked it over with Oswald and the is going to stay in Kiddie Kingdom to keep everyone safe while I go to find a cure. I felt awful leaving everyone behind, especially Oswald, but I really have no other options. I'm going to head over to the town of Bradberton near the park, and start there. This is a huge gamble, but it better pay off.

King Cola's Court CastEdit


= Official Casting for King Cola's Court 2077 =
King Cola........Leo Mendoza
Queen Quantum....Janelle Cooke
Nuka-Knight......Evan Barnes
Nuka-Dark Knight.Dean Becker
Quartz Jester....Kenneth Wenzel
Princess Cherry..Rachel Watkins
Princess Grape...Fran Fowler
Squire Orange....Bradley Benson
The Wild Knight..Herman Benson
Lady Victory.....Myra Stone

Other CastEdit


= Official Casting for King Cola's Court 2077 =
= Magic Show =
Headliner.....Oswald Oppenheimer
Assistant 1...Dean Becker
Assistant 2...Rachel Watkins

= Cola Clowns =
Herman Benson
BradlyIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic Benson
Kenneth Wenzel
Rachel Watkins
Mitchel Sikes
Ro8& gt7x%jj.........
System Error: Corruption Detected

> Safe ControlEdit


Safe Lock Mechanism Status: LOCKED/UNLOCKED

Disengage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Disable..

Engage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Enable...

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