Kim Wu is a character mentioned in Fallout 4.


Kim Wu was a young Chinese American who lived with her family in Pearwood before the Great War. With the threat of the Red Menace growing in the United States, many members of her family were brought to internment camps. To avoid this fate, her parents decided to move to her uncle Marshall's house, which was located in Natick Banks. Her personal logs of the experience and this time in her life can be found in the upper floor of his house on a terminal.

Within the Pearwood location, a child's bedroom on the third floor has three wooden blocks on a bookcase, arranged to spell out "KIM". Baseball has a notable presence in the room, which corresponds to declarations in the personal logs.


Her relation to the Wu's mentioned in the terminal entries of the South Boston military checkpoint is not known, but since neither parent is named in Kim's holotapes, it is possible they are related.


Kim Wu is mentioned only in Fallout 4.