Kill the "chicken"

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Kill the "chicken"
Kill the Chicken
The "chicken"
given bySelf
reward1000 XP

Sounds like something BIG is moving around inside.

— In-game description

Kill the "chicken" is an unmarked quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: Kill the "chicken"
Enter Rose's back shack.
Subdue the dogs.
Blow the rocks with dynamite, plastic explosives, or raw strength.
Slay the beast.
Reward: 1000 XP

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The "chicken" that Rose gets her wasteland omelettes from is actually a very fearsome deathclaw!

To reach it, one must first subdue the dogs, then blow up the rocks with explosives dynamite. The rocks can also be moved by hand, with a Strength above 7, which can be attempted repeatedly.

Killing the deathclaw gives 1000 XP, but also a drop in Modoc town reputation. Rose will also no longer sell the omelettes. Killing Rose's deatchclaw while sneaking and without being detected will not drain reputation. Upon asking for an omelet, Rose will simply say that she no longer offers them because "some fool broke into our coop and killed our... chicken".


  • This quest is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas by Jas Wilkins, Rose's great-niece, who offers the Courier the recipe while recalling the story of someone coming to town and shooting the deathclaw "right in the eye". Jas however refers to it as a deathclaw mother.
  • The dogs outside will eventually become hostile. This turns some traders hostile as well.
  • If you blow the rocks on the door and then leave the deathclaw without killing it, then the deathclaw will walk around the northern part of Modoc, killing all the people in the area, including Rose, Cornelius, and Ferril. If not completed prior to this, it becomes impossible to find Cornelius' lost gold pocket watch.


When blowing the rocks and the dynamite blows the dogs as well, the game will crash. [verified]

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