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The Kill or Be Killed terminal entries are a series of entries found on one terminal at the Kill or Be Killed in Fallout 4.

Kleo's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet.

Contingency Plan: DaisyEdit


Laser shot at long range. She is too close to home for outright assault to be viable without suspicion.

Contingency Plan: HancockEdit


Kill bodyguard first. Strangulation while she sleeps. Then load all doses of chems in the Old State House with poisons. Collateral damage possible, but losses acceptable without too much disruption to the business.

Contingency Plan: Neighborhood WatchEdit


Wait until Super Mutant or Raider attack. High explosives at key areas of the defensive perimeter. Relocation necessary afterwards as Goodneighbor would be left vulnerable.

Contingency Plan: BobbiEdit


Sensors picked up digging sounds recently. Workers and guards being hired at high rates.

Wait until night. Sneak into hideout. Dismantle lights then kill one by one.

Contingency Plan: Whitechapel CharlieEdit


Pay off one of his associates. Good help is so hard to hold onto these days.

Contingency Plan: MagnoliaEdit


A fellow working girl. Deserves a chance.

Burn down the Third Rail as a warning. If she resists after that, clean shot to the head.