Kill Badger so the tanker vagrants will embrace the Hub

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The de facto leader of the Tanker vagrants is a piece of anti-therapeutic raw meat named Badger. With his death, they will come to understand our position. Will you remove him?


Kill Badger so the tanker vagrants will embrace the Hub is a quest in Fallout 2.


If you choose to be a Hubologist, and follow their teachings, this is the second quest given by AHS-9, the Hub Leader (dressed in a tuxedo) or AHS-7, the recruiter (dressed in a gray Hubologist robe).

You have to go to the Oil Tanker at the San Francisco bay (north of the city) and eliminate Badger. You don't really need to kill him yourself, just ask the Hubologist hacker to put fuel on the tanker, then go to the tanker and stay there a while. Two Shi guards will appear and kill Badger.

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