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Kidnapped Trader at (location) is a Minutemen radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Radiant quest:Kidnapped Trader
Travel to an owned settlement
Pay the ransom
Rescue the kidnapped trader from a location
Report back to the people of the settlement


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Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
50 Travel to <Alias=ActualLocation>A Radio Freedom broadcast said there's been a kidnapping at <Alias=ActualLocation>. I need to get there and see what I can do to help. OR
Preston Garvey has sent me to investigate a kidnapping at <Alias=ActualLocation>. I need to get there and see what I can do to help.
90 (Optional) Pay the ransom (<Global=MinRadiantOwned03Ransom> Caps)
100 Rescue the kidnapped trader from <Alias=KidnapperDungeon>The settler I spoke to told me where I could find the kidnapped victim. I need to go there and rescue him/her.
450 Talk to Preston GarveyNow that I've helped <Alias=ActualLocation>, I need to let Preston know the good news. OR
I should talk to Preston and let him know I was unable to help <Alias=ActualLocation> with their kidnapping.


  • xboxoneIcon xboxone Sometimes if you accept this quest, and there are unique characters in your settlement, there is a chance that some of your unique settlers won't say anything. If you have subtitles enabled, it will say generic dialogue, like "thanks for agreeing to help" but the audio track for the dialogue does not at..[verification overdue]
    • There are no known fixes for this bug. It may be caused by standing inactive until the camera pans in an owned settlement.
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone If this quest appears in Sanctuary Hills and you accept it, the marker will only lead to a pack brahmin that cannot be interacted with. [verification overdue]