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The kid's party hat is a headgear item used by kids for celebrations; it is a red paper hat with blue streamers. Kid's party hats are used in Vault-Tec Vaults.

On July 13, 2268, Amata Almodovar brings four hats to Vault 101's cafeteria in anticipation of her friend's tenth birthday party. During the party, the Lone Wanderer can wear the kid's party hat. If the Lone Wanderer speaks with Wally Mack, he will express his scorn for the party, pointedly singling out that kid's party hats and balloons are for younger kids. (Interestingly, Wally himself is younger than the Lone Wanderer, thus making his bullying insult somewhat lame.)


Game mechanicsEdit

The player's character can interact with and inventory the kid's party hat in their Pip-Boy in the quest "Growing Up Fast". This item disappears in the transition to the next quest.

Related questsEdit


A party hat appears in the Point Lookout hallucination beside your mother's skeleton.

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