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Kellogg's outfit is a unique piece of armor in Fallout 4.


It provides a Damage Resistance of 30 and an Energy Resistance of 30. The armor cannot be worn underneath other pieces of armor.

The outfit consists of a grimy leather jacket and olive slacks with a leather belt, gun holster, combat boots and tactical gloves. The most distinctive feature of the outfit is a custom metal arm guard, unlike those usually found around The Commonwealth.


Kellogg's outfit is obtainable after killing Kellogg during the mission Reunions.


  • Kellogg's outfit provides balanced and, in some cases, superior damage reduction values compared to a full set of raider, leather or metal armor. However, it cannot be upgraded with ballistic weave, nor can it be supplemented with chest, arm and leg armor, so its default values leave something to be desired later in the game as enemies get stronger and/or the player character invests in the Armorer perk.