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The Vault 22 terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries found in Vault 22.

Entrance Hall Restored terminalEdit

This terminal is located on a table directly inside the Vault door.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 1Edit


I've established a temporary camp inside the entrance of the vault. Power inside is minimal, but still running, and I've managed to hack inside one of their security terminals. The logs show that several people have entered the vault over the past few months, but none have left. It's getting late, so I'll resume the expedition in the morning. Keely out.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 2Edit


The growth in the interior matches the exterior to a tee. It's a little surprising given the scarcity of sunlight in the entrance room, but even more surprising is that they seem to originate from further below. Maybe that fool Hildern was onto something after all.

Since my Pip-boy is on the fritz, I'll try to keep a running log of my discoveries in whatever computers I can find and collate the data before leaving.

Oxygen Recycling Restored terminalEdit

This terminal is located on a table in the easternmost room of the oxygen recycling area.

Noise ComplaintEdit


Could maintenance look into the duct work here on level 2 again? I know you guys took a look at this last week, but I swear the noise is back. I even have other people that can back me up on it this time, too.

Oxygen Recycling terminalEdit

This terminal is in the southernmost room of the level, on a table.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 3Edit


This level seems to have been devoted to the study of atmospheric effects on plants, with a concentration on producing plants with a high oxygen yield. Given the "problems" these vaults were known to have, it sounds like a reasonable avenue research.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 4Edit


It's strange, but some sections of the machinery down here appear to have been modified for some unknown purpose. The restraints regarding oxygen content and systemic pressure have been bypassed.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 5Edit


I've been hearing a strange chittering sound for some time now, and finally discovered its source. There's some kind of Giant mantises that've taken up residence in the vault. I almost ran smack into one the other day, but the creatures don't appear to react to my presence at all. Perhaps the others sent here ran afoul of the creatures, but I cant see how a few scattered insects could pose much of a problem to experienced mercs.

Food Production terminalEdit

The terminal is found in the food production area, on a table in the first room to the south side of the hallway from the stairs.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 6Edit


I've finally found some of the bodies of the scientists that lived here. They appear to be overgrown with some form of lichen. They blend in so well with the other growth that I walked right by several of them without even noticing them. I've taken the proper precautions, but the lichen doesn't seem to be contagious, at least to ghouls.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 7Edit


This level appears to be where they performed most of the research NCR is interested in. I've been able to collect a little, but the vast majority of the data from the research done here is inaccessible. I'll have to find the main backup and download from there.

Common Areas billiards room terminalEdit

This terminal is found in the recreation room of the common area, in the north.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 8Edit


I guess no one will miss this ridiculous trivia game. The questions weren't even that hard.

It looks like this is where most of the people were when they died. The medical reports I found suggested that most of them succumbed to some kind of airborne infection. I'm going to see if I can convert some of the growlamps into UV spectrometers to test the air for contaminants.

Vault 22 Expedition, entry 9Edit


After numerous attempts, I've found a range that highlights the particles in the air that I believe killed everyone in this Vault. Preliminary tests show them to be spores of some kind. I've set up spectrometers on several of the levels now and the concentration appears to increase in the lower levels. At this point, I'm concerned that the plants here may constitute a danger to the people of the NCR.

Northern Food Production Restored terminalEdit

This terminal is found in the control room along the northern end of the level.

Status Report 9228Edit


Yields continue to improve. Splicing together cultivar GN188 with the existing corn samples has produced a hybrid that responds better to the artificial lights we have. On a side note, Dr. Peters has missed his third straight day due to illness. His work ethic hasn't exactly been stellar to this point, so I'm requesting confirmation from the clinic that he is in fact sick.

Status Report 9253Edit


On a lark, the guys down in pest control sent up a sample of a substance one of their specimens secretes to attract insects. Tests show that the substance has a mood altering effect on smaller mammals. If anyone volunteers, we can begin human testing soon.

Quite a number of the staff have begun to show symptoms of some sort of viral infection. I've begun to order them to stay in bed and recover, but at this rate there won't be anyone left to do the research!

Status Report 9312Edit


Not much to report today. The mood is unusually somber in the wake of Dr. Peter's passing. There's a strange rumor going around that the commotion downstairs was caused by, of all things, Dr. Peter's corpse suddenly animating and attacking people. I don't know who would start such a vicious rumor, but it's in exceptionally bad taste.

Eastern Food Production terminalEdit

This terminal is found on a table in the room with the entrance to the caves.

Security RequestEdit


Assistant Mathers went into the caves at 18:46 and still hasn't returned. Requesting security escort for science personnel to conduct a search.

Medical EmergencyEdit


We need a medical team up here now!

Dr. Peters just returned with one of the security escorts, who is horribly wounded. When I asked him where the other security officer was, he just paled and shook his head.

In the meantime, Dr. Bailey has ordered that the door to the caves be sealed until a further investigation can take place.



Is anyone down there?? Security is trying to hold off, well, I don't know what they're trying to hold off. Please, send security up at once!

With Dr. Bailey watching over his sick wife and daughter in their quarters down in the Common Area, I'm officially in charge of the level, and I am requesting security at once!

Common Areas Utility Room terminalEdit

This is found on the atrium's lower level, on a table past a door marked "Utility".

Ticket 1 - Strange NoisesEdit


Problem: Noises in vents

Action: Sent team to inspect

Result: Source of problem not detected.

Ticket 2 - Gas Leak?Edit


Problem: Reports of possible gas leak - several people have complained of coughing fits and other respiratory symptoms

Action: Complete diagnostic of air circulation system

Result: Discovered minor discrepancies in the mass of the air being pumped through the vault, but no harmful gasses were detected. Also, a strange residue was detected on the air filters, which has been forwarded for identification. Swapped out the filters, just in case.

Common Areas Clinic terminalEdit

This terminal is found on the desk in the clinic, on the lower level of the atrium.

Case 162Edit


Patient: Peters, Harrison T.

Condition: Dr. Peters is suffering from a severe case of pneumonia, the result of the spread of some sort of microorganism in his lungs. I've applied the usual treatment and requested that he refrain from working and stop by twice a day for observation.

Case 164 (Group)Edit


Patients: Mitchell, Pam; Cordella, Michael; Norton, Samwise; Fujimoto, Naoki; Derrida, Kenneth

Update: This entire group showed up throughout the course of the day displaying the same symptoms. They're remarkably similar to Dr. Peters' condition when he first came a week ago. I hope we don't have a contagion on our hands.

Case 162 updateEdit


Patient: Peters, Harrison T.

Update: Dr. Peters isn't responding to the treatment, or, more accurately, his body is actively rejecting the treatment. His condition has worsened and I'm on the cusp of ordering exploratory surgery.

Case 173 (Group)Edit


Patients: Bailey, Elizabeth; Bailey, Marsha; Garfield, Hayes; Amy, Herman; Jenkins, Veronica; Keyes, James; Kilpatrick, Robert; Lowry, Amanda; Orlando, Donald; Pamino, Iris; Rado, Steven; Reyes, Yolonda; Sarkin, Kelly; Valdez, Nicholas

Update: Another group with chills, a fever, and a terrible racking cough. I'm recommending that they be separated from the general populace.

Case 162 updateEdit


Patient: Peters, Harrison T.

Update: Dr. Peters is dead. His vitals flatlined ten minutes before he entered surgery. I decided to perform an autopsy immediately, and discovered his lungs were filled with some sort of fungal infection. Strangely, the fungus still shows evidence of growth despite the death of its host. I'll consult with one of the mycologists on the fifth level and see if they can identify it.

Case 162 updateEdit


Patient: Peters, Harrison T.

Update: I don't really know how to describe what just happened. One minute I was closing up for the day and the next Dr. Peters corpse sat up and attacked me. I was able to flee the office and seal him (it?) inside until security arrived, but what the hell is going on? If all the recent illnesses are the same thing...

Pest Control upper level terminalEdit

This terminal is on a desk on the upper level of the Pest control area, in the same room as the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.

Species 1Edit


Species: BE908

A distant relative of the more commonly known Venus fly trap, species BE908 seems to be performing well. The plants are a threat to creatures up to five times their size due to the violent nature of closing maws. Those that aren't swallowed whole are often incapacitated by their initial "bite". The plants' lack of mobility is offset by their ability to lure prey into reach by means of a nectar they secrete from their bodies.

Species 2Edit


Species: Matis Religiosa

Of all the species we brought with us, the common mantis exceeds the others in terms of predation. The insects are voracious, and their camouflage allows them to attack prey by surprise. Also, they complement our botanical specimens by hunting down those pests that avoid or escape our other measures. Lastly, mantises will begin to cannibalize one another when other food is scarce, making their numbers self regulating when prey is scarce.

Species 3Edit


Species: Beauveria Mordicana

An entomopathogenic fungus, B. Mordicana has been developed to colonize the bodies of most common pests. Once it has fully colonized a host body, the host technically dies, but the body continues to move by means of the fungal colonies within it. In this manner the fungus moves amongst more of it's prey, occasionally spraying spores in a radius around the host body, infecting all who come near it. Its drawbacks include the time it takes to kill prey (10-20 days) and its limited effectiveness when dealing with unsocial pests.

Pest Control research data terminalEdit

Terminal entry to get Keely's research notes from the terminal and deliver them to Thomas Hildern as a part of There Stands the Grass.


Vault 22 Interlab Network, Vault-Tec Data Backup System

Current data integrity: 31%

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