Jury Street Metro station

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For the underground Metro, see Jury St. Station.
For the connecting tunnels, see Jury St. Tunnels.

Jury Street Metro Station is a location in the Capital Wasteland. It is west of Vault 101, south of Vault 106, and northwest of Calverton.


It is centered around Jury St. Station, with the Gold Ribbon Grocers, and some vacant buildings nearby.

The larger area surrounding the Station is particularly rich in unique loot, with few hostiles (mostly raiders). The loot includes nine skill books, two mini nukes, and a Nuka-Cola Quantum not to mention the treasure carried by Prime, who only appears at the diner once the unmarked quest Jiggs' Loot is begun in the Museum of Technology, and his weapon the Xuanlong assault rifle can only be obtained by completing the quest. Slightly southwest of the broadcast tower is a small ravine where a "type A" random encounter will be triggered by approaching from the direction of the tower. The player can save before walking into the ravine and attempt to trigger the Unidentified Flying Debris event to obtain the unique Firelance weapon.


Notable loot

Related quests

  • The diner near the station plays a role in Jiggs' Loot.
  • The repeatable Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat unmarked quest occurs here, inside the metro station.
  • The Bigger They Are... (Achievement/Trophy) takes place near here, as a super mutant behemoth spawns nearby and wanders around the area.

Dead Man's signal

File:Jury Street Manhole.jpg

The manhole cover in the street (next to the mailbox of a boarded-up two story house south of the stores) leads to a small drainage chamber that is actually a cover for a pre-War bunker. In the main room, there are items strewn and thrown about: of note a Big Book of Science and pre-War book and a very rare package of gum drops.

There is also a ham radio, marked 'Oscar Tango', which is the source of the signals above if you activated the radio tower. It replays Morse code signals in a loop, often containing something similar to "Anyone out there?"

When first entering, there is no sign of the pre-War occupants, though the walls have been marked by raiders. On the left wall as you enter, you'll find a yellow switch to the lower level where you'll find the raiders' victims, along with the original two occupants (now skeletal). After discovering this, you may be ambushed by two random raiders.


  • Southwest of this area is one of the spawn points for a super mutant behemoth mentioned in search party log #4. The Behemoth will spawn when the cart cage containing the "waving bear" is opened. See The Bigger They Are... for more info.
  • Fast traveling to the location, or exiting Gold Ribbon Grocer has a chance of spawning a group of three Talon Company mercs for players with good Karma. Players with bad Karma will have a group of three Regulators appear instead. Upon fast traveling to the location, either group will typically be behind the Dot's Diner.
  • On rare occasions Talon Company Mercenaries will spawn when fast travelling to Jury St Metro Station, they are hostile regardless of Karma.


Jury Street Metro Station appears only in Fallout 3.

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