Junders Plunkett's finger is a unique item for those with the Lawbringer perk.


After finding Bounty notice: Junders Plunkett on the body of a dead regulator, Junders can be killed, and this item can be found on his corpse. However, killing Junders is all that is necessary to unlock the dialogue option for the 1,000 caps reward from Sonora Cruz and this unique finger does not have to be looted. If looted, because it is a quest item that is never actually used, it will remain in your inventory indefinitely.


  • Unlike regular fingers, Junders' finger acts like a quest item and cannot be dropped.
  • It will often not vanish after turning it in, staying in your inventory forever. Since it has no weight, this is at best a minor inconvenience during Pip-Boy browsing.
    • pcIcon pc To remove it via console, use player.removeitem cafa2 1 or reset the item's quest flag by using setquestobject cafa2 0.

Behind the scenesEdit

The script for killing Junders Plunkett is an automatic check, not involving the finger at all, likely meaning that it was intended to be removed from the game, but forgotten.