Journal-It Software is an application software program published and copyrighted by the software developer PagSoft LLC in 2072.


The program was tasked with recording and archiving log entries written by users. Later versions of this software were ported for use on RobCo's Unified Operating System. A terminal, identified as Server 5, in the Springvale Elementary School had a copy of Journal-It Software.

In 2277, an anonymous raider, with the user name of "suk me hahaha", wrote three log entries for this program wherein he or she narrated an account of their group's efforts in excavating a tunnel to Vault 101 from the basement of the school in an attempt to get access to the Vault's pre-War technology and supplies. Another copy was used by Isabella Proud at her camp for documenting her research. At Satcom Array NW-05a, the ghoul scientist used it to document her progress.


Journal-It Software only appears in Fallout 3.