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Gametitle-FNV HH
Gametitle-FNV HH

Jose was a survivor of the Great War in 2095.


He and a group of survivors went to Zion and settled there, claiming it to be "paradeeso" (paradise). Randall Clark monitored Jose and his flock's activity, and found them to be most likely Mexican. He broke his leg chasing a bighorner, later contracting a fatal infection. He was expected to die, however, Randall left a bottle of antibiotics on a rock near this groups camp which they used to heal him. He and all the men of his group were later killed by the Vault 22 dwellers during a raid on the camp.[1]


Jose is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


  1. Randall Clark terminal entries - Year 2095

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