I hired Jonatan to help with the production of the Fallout: New Vegas DLC's at the beginning of the year and though its very rare to bring in an intern for a character artist position. I made the easy decision to make an exception based on the work of his portfolio.

Our expectation was that perhaps Jonatan could help out the seniors with some bug fixes and some simple character props but he very soon demonstrated he could do more. In the end Jonatan was able to tackle a number of outfits and weapons contributing to successful team effort to meeting all our milestones.

Jonatan is easy going, easy to direct and I believe a bright artist with a great career ahead of him, all the qualities a team needs and Art Directors look for in young artist.
Joe Sanabria's recommendation

Jonatan Lopez is a 3D Character Artist who worked on Fallout: New Vegas DLCs. His work included:

  • Texturing, modeling and skinning
  • Created normal maps from high resolution models to make game ready models.
  • Created weapons from the concept/reference stage to being finished and placed in the engine
  • bug fixing, testing of weapons and armor to ensure they work in the engine.

Employment historyEdit

20102011Obsidian Entertainment3D Character Artist


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2011Dead Money3D Character Artist
2011Honest Hearts3D Character Artist
2012Old World Blues3D Character Artist
2012Lonesome Road3D Character Artist