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This bright red prophylactic allows the wearer to cut a truly dashing figure. They come in other colors, but the red Jimmy Hat is the only one known to improve the user's performance.

Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets

Jimmy Hats is a very reliable pre-War brand of condoms. They are still very reliable even 200 years after the Great War. They usually cost about $2.

Jimmy Hats condoms are available in three different variants. The ones in blue package are ribbed for her pleasure, the ones in green package contain phosphorous green dye #2 and are slathered in spermicidal lubricant for added protection, and the ones in red package contain phosphorous red dye #5 and have a yummy cinnamon bun flavor... or so you heard. These can be taken prior to having sex with Angela Bishop or Leslie Anne Bishop.


Behind the scenesEdit

A "jimmy hat" is an urban colloquialism for condoms.

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