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Doctor Jiang was a Chinese double-agent active in the pre-War United States in 2077.


Pretending to be a deserter, the doctor arrived at Norfolk and offered help with retrieving information from the Chinese submarine SSN-37-1A which had fallen into American hands in exchange for immunity.

Jiang's true mission was to make sure the submarine would not remain in American possession by activating the self-destruct sequence. Unknown to the doctor, it was not intended that he would return to China alive after completion of the assignment. However, it appears as though he was never even able to begin his mission, as his life was ended by the Great War.

The Lone Wanderer fulfills his mission in the quest The Velvet Curtain, albeit 200 years late.

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Jiang's skeletal remains appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.