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Gametitle-FO4 AUT
Gametitle-FO4 AUT

Jezebel interview is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


The holotape can be found in the Fort Hagen hangar in the same room as Jezebel and Ahab, next to the Rust Devil workshop terminal.



Jagger: All right, brainbox. Ivey wants me to find out what makes you tick, so let's get started.
Jezebel's Voice: There's no need for that. I'm certain we can discuss this rather unfortunate situation before it gets completely out of hand. Now, what exactly did this "Ivey" tell you to do?
Jagger: Simple. She wants me to crack open that dome you have for a head and find out how your brain is connected to your circuits.
Jezebel's Voice: Perhaps I can be of assistance in that regard... after all, there isn't much else I can do now that you've removed my head from its chassis. How about we forge some sort of an accord... just between the two of us?
Jagger: What the hell is an "accord?" You talking about wires or something?
Jezebel's Voice: Right... I need to phrase this so even a dullard like you would understand... Let me put it this way. You need information that's going to make your boss happy. I want to keep my brain in one piece. Maybe we can "cut a deal."
Jagger: Fine. I'm listening.
Jezebel's Voice: I'll tell you everything I know about my own construction... all the bits that "Ivey" wants to hear. And I promise you, she won't be disappointed. In return, you keep those tools away from me and put me back onto my body. You get what you want, and I don't get dissected like some kind of a laboratory experiment. Do we have a deal?
Jagger: Well, that would save me a lot of time... and Ivey doesn't like waiting... Tell you what. You start talking, and I'll stop drilling. After I tell Ivey everything, we'll see how happy she really gets. But I think I'm going to leave your head in that machine for now. Just in case you decide to get any smart ideas. How's that for a deal?
Jezebel's Voice: Sigh. I suppose it will have to suffice... I mean... yeah, it's a deal.

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