The great, green jewel of the Commonwealth. Diamond City. The biggest settlement around.

Mama Murphy

Jewel of the Commonwealth is a main story quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Main quest: Jewel of the Commonwealth
Talk to Mama Murphy.
Go to Diamond City.
Talk with the guard via the intercom and the troublemaker.
Leads to: Story of the Century
Find information about Shaun.
Go to Valentine Detective Agency.
Reward: 150+ XP
Leads to: Unlikely Valentine

Detailed walkthroughEdit

It seems Diamond City is the best hope for gaining further information about Shaun. Getting there from Sanctuary Hills is a long trek southeast. Upon crossing the bridge into the remains of the city, look for signs pointing in the direction of Diamond City.

At the entrance, the Sole Survivor runs into Diamond City's reporter, named Piper. She cons the player character into helping her fool the guard via the intercom, to open the gate, thus letting the Survivor in.

At the entrance, speak with Mayor McDonough to get his thoughts on Piper. A moderate-difficulty Speech check will get him to tell the Sole Survivor who to talk to about Shaun, then head into Diamond City market.

Who can help the Sole Survivor in this bustling market? Most are friendly folks, and asking any of the following provides a clue to the Survivor's next move:

Visit the Valentine Detective Agency. It seems the hard-boiled detective Nick Valentine has gone missing. Ellie Perkins hopes the Sole Survivor might lend a hand to help find him. Charming Miss Perkins will allow the player character to shake her down for a few caps upon delivery of her boss.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Go to Diamond CityDiamond City is the largest settlement in the Commonwealth. It's the best place to begin the search for Shaun.
20 Find information about Shaun
25 Found information about Shaun
30 Go to Valentine's Detective AgencyI've discovered that Diamond City is the home of a detective, Nick Valentine. He might be able to help me find Shaun.
100Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete - Trigger Unlikely ValentineI need to find Nick Valentine, the detective who could help me locate Shaun. Nick was last seen heading to Park Street Station on a case.


  • If the Sole Survivor goes to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor, they can relive Shaun's kidnapping. Afterwards, Irma will apologize for having to experience that again, and if they have not already done so, she will say that the Sole Survivor needs to go to Nick Valentine's office in Diamond City. The quest will update straight to visiting Nick's office.
  • If Nick is rescued in Vault 114 without having visited Diamond City first, the quest Jewel of the Commonwealth will be auto-completed and the quest Unlikely Valentine will start.
  • If going to Diamond City at night, Piper will still be there.
  • If Sole Survivor successfully convinces Danny Sullivan that one is genuinely a merchant, he will give the player character some caps as reward.