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For an overview of jet in the various Fallout games, see Jet.

Using Jet creates an altered state of consciousness where time appears to slow, allowing you to perform more actions than normal for a limited period of time.

— loading screen hint

Jet is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


Remarkably distinctive from the typical jet found outside the Commonwealth, the effects of this version are more akin to that of turbo, a chem commonly associated with the Mojave. The use of jet boosts the user's reaction speed by seemingly slowing down time around them with minimal effect on their own movement. Additionally, it significantly increases jump distance and maximum firing rate for a total of ten seconds, whereas the effects of turbo only last for three. The effects, however, become shorter each time it is taken; this can be remedied by regularly seeing a doctor.


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  • Often found in Chem Boxes and occasionally in coolers.
  • A large supply can be found in the living quarters of Vault 95.
  • Inside the drug den.
  • Quite a few can be found inside the Old State House.


  • The recipe for jet alludes to the drug being produced with brahmin fertilizer - jet fumes were discovered using brahmin that had been fed a contaminated protein extract. For simplicity in-game, all fertilizer is identical, and can be used to synthesize Jet.
  • Can be sold to Bobby De Luca in Vault 81 for 75 caps each, making this an incredible, if time-consuming, money maker; dialogue must be initiated for each transaction. Even with all the required merchant perks, it can only be sold normally for 40 caps (50 base price with 80% limit applied to sale value) to regular vendors.
  • When used, colors become more saturated and lights become slightly brighter. This visual effect, combined with the inhaler intake and slow motion perception, makes the Fallout 4 depiction of jet similar to the drug Slo-Mo from the 2012 film, Dredd.
  • Jet can be found in locations from before the Great War which is odd, seeing as jet was created after the war.
  • In the Vault-Tec Regional HQ, information found in a terminal entry made by Dr. Reid details that a shipment was made to Vault 95, containing 15 boxes of jet and psycho. From this it is concluded that jet was invented before the war, which is contradictory to the basic canon.

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