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For an overview of jet in the various Fallout games, see jet.

Jet is a powerful metamphetamine that stimulates the central nervous system. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes, but during that time, the user is filled with a rush of energy & strength.

Fallout 2 in-game description

Jet is a consumable item in Fallout 2 and Van Buren.


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When Myron first encountered the Mordinos, they were farming peyote cacti and selling it to tourists as the "Reno Experience." Unfortunately, as Myron explains, peyote trips last too long, and profit is generated by fast turnaround and a high addiction rate. Furthermore, the climate was far too ravaged and irradiated to grow anything but the hardiest of plants. So, Myron began delving into growing mushrooms. Hallucinogens have low overhead and thrive in plentiful brahmin dung. From there, Myron began experimenting with derivatives of lysergic acid diethylamide, psilocybin and THC. However, the Mordinos still desired something a little harder and more addictive that could aid them in gaining control of Redding. The solution to the problem came from the brahmin fertilizer itself; Myron discovered that the slaves harvesting the drugs were in a constant state of intoxication from inhaling the fumes.

In the pre-War days, big meat companies had experimented with a cheap protein extract for growing food. However, the product had to be abandoned because any bacterial contamination (even from common skin bacteria) resulted in a complex reaction, ruining any meat and causing it to act like methamphetamine. To cut their losses, farmers fed the extract to their cattle - the ancestors of the post-apocalyptic brahmin.

After exposing slaves to vats of brahmin dung sans the plants they had been cultivating, Myron realized that not only had the intoxicating properties of the protein extract had been preserved in brahmin tissues, one did not need to slaughter the brahmin to harvest it - it could easily be harvested from their waste. Myron was able to thus provide the Mordinos with the cheap, addictive and fast-acting drug they had been in search of since they had entered the trade.

About a hundred slaves were killed in initial testing — mostly results of heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhages, and psychotic episodes — but Myron was ultimately successful in producing jet. Thanks to Myron and jet, the Mordino family were able to build their drug empire. Grateful, they supplied their boy-genius with anything he wanted, usually whores and drugs. The Stables research team would further Myron's work, hoping to create a stronger and even more potent version, codenamed jet beta. However, the results were unsuccessful, as they could not quite get the kinks out (e.g., nasal bleeding, hallucinations, heart attacks). But they did increase the duration of its high - from 15 to 60 minutes.

Myron would die less than a year after the Chosen One defeated the Enclave, somewhat ironically stabbed to death by a jet addict while drinking in a bar at the Den. While no one would remember Myron's name - let alone that he had created jet - his creation would live on, even spreading as far as the Capital Wasteland, where Murphy would attempt to produce an even more potent version, named ultrajet, designed for use by ghouls, who are barely affected by standard jet.

Meanwhile, in the Mojave Wasteland, some of the more scientifically enlightened learned about the secrets of ultrajet and sought to make it themselves, and home chemists developed a potent form of jet called rocket.

This is the most common and basic form of jet, which all other variations are based on.


Jet has the shortest duration of any Fallout 2 chem. Whereas other chems have long enough durations to not be of concern, since each combat turn is equal to 5 seconds, it is very likely in dense enemy areas (such as the Military Base) to begin the steep withdrawal effects before safety is reached. This is especially true if one has the Chem Resistant trait.

Jet also has a very high addiction rate, the highest of any chem. In fact, with the Chem Reliant trait, it is impossible to use jet without getting addicted - a particularly severe penalty given that Jet addiction is permanent without the antidote.

Because of its role in the Fallout 2 storyline, jet is the most prevalent and affordable of all chems (not including alcohol), appearing with some regularity as early as The Den. This helps balance the fact that jet has a powerful effect (the only way for characters already at ten Agility to gain more Action Points, perks aside) but has a hard-to-deal-with addiction and withdrawal penalty.

Need any help on how to use that? I mean, I've found to get the best rush, you need to close your nostrils, force all the air out of your lungs, then take a deep breath, inhale, and hold it for about a minute...

Chosen One to Dr. Troy on feeling the full effects


  • The Den, sometimes findable on the junkies, and sold by Tubby.
  • New Reno, purchased from many different dealers, all of whom stock multiple quantities.


  • Jet addiction is curable only by the Jet antidote.
  • Only two jet can be used at once. Further attempts are met with a message along the lines of "no effect".

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