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For other characters who appear in the Fallout universe named Jane, see Jane.
FoBoS Jane promo
roleRaider leader
locationCarbon Mill
appearancesFallout: Brotherhood of Steel
questsFind Brotherhood Paladins
Kill Raider Matron
voice actorVanessa Marshall
dialogue fileJane's dialogue
FOBoSLogoThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Back in line, slaves. I can't sell you if you're dead, but I'll shoot you in the back if you try to run!

Jane, also called the "raider matron" by her raider group, was the leader of a gang of raiders with a strong matriarchal system. While she was their matron, other raider women were her lieutenants. They terrorized the townspeople of Carbon, Texas. They carried out raids for supplies, slaves, or whatever else they desired. She uses a pair of Desert Eagles as her weapons and wears quite an exposing black leather outfit, clearly for appearance instead of actual armor.


When some of her raiders are killed in the local bar by the newly arrived Brotherhood of Steel initiate, she coerces the mayor of Carbon to lure the Initiate into the Carbon crater. There, the mayor, with aid from the raiders, should kill the Initiate. However, the mayor was himself killed, and the Initiate escapes back to town, but it is now in flames as the raider matron wants to teach the citizens not to mess with her again. The Initiate either kills or stops the raiders, and follows them back to their base of operations: an abandoned mill on the edge of town.

Jane is then seen conversing with the super mutant general, Attis, apparently selling slaves to him from a previous raid. When she requests for his help to kill the initiate who has killed half her men, even offering herself to him in return, he rebuffs her going so far as to say that he thought her “repulsive” for stooping to selling her own fellow humans and that she was on her own to sort this problem. Jane was known to have spent most of her time in the central area of the mill, and Jessie described the reason being that she liked the “vibrations”.

When the Initiate reaches her, she reveals that she helped the Brotherhood of Steel when she met with a group of paladins who wanted information on super mutant activity in the area. She directed them to a mutant army that was at the nearby ghoul city of Los. She then reveals that the paladins not only knew about her activities in Carbon but they also offered her protection. She is then killed by the Initiate in combat.

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Jane appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.



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