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The Jacobstown terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from Jacobstown in Fallout: New Vegas.

Dr. Henry's terminalEdit

The following come from Doctor Henry's terminal found inside the main lodge.

Nightkin Test DataEdit


Astonishingly enough, the local Nightstalkers have developed a mutation not unlike the stealth field generated by Stealth Boys. Even more importantly, the brains I've dissected have show heightened levels of endorphins and other neurochemicals, similar to what I've seen in Nightkin brains. If this mutation is natural, perhaps a cure could be synthesized from the Nightstalkers. As far as I can tell, the Nightstalkers don't suffer from schizophrenia like the affected Nightkin.

Mark II PrototypeEdit


The Stealth Boy Mark II prototype is functional - sort of. The Enclave data wasn't complete so I had to make a few guesses here and there. Unfortunately, the field has a greater duration, the negative effects on the user are exponentially greater. I can use this to my advantage - the brain wave changes will be more pronounced and it'll be much easier to to figure out what exactly is needed to cure the Nightkin schizophrenia.

Lily has graciously volunteered to be my test subject, despite the risk.



Keene seems to have caught on about the Stealth Boy Mark II prototype. I told him that it was in no way functional, but I'm not entirely sure he believed me. I'll have to keep any eye on him.

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