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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Map Script for Junkdemo.Map (for Fallout demo)


{100}{}{You think that puny leather will save you from Baka?}
{101}{}{You're no match for us!}
{102}{}{If I were that ugly, I'd kill myself.}
{103}{}{You Crypts don't have a chance.}
{104}{}{Do you like pain?}
{105}{}{I'm going to enjoy this.}
{106}{}{You shall die scum!}
{107}{}{It's pay back time.}
{108}{}{Are you ready for some pain?}
{109}{}{The only thing stupider than you is Rayze.}
{110}{}{I guess afterbirth can live a little while.}
{111}{}{The Crypts shall be buried once more!}
{112}{}{Perish scum!}
{113}{}{Who said you could come out of your graves? Return!}
{114}{}{Thy lowly ways shall be eradicated from the earth!}
{115}{}{Only Fools have true knowledge to rule Scrapheap.}
{116}{}{Begone gut slime of a three legged chicken!}
{117}{}{What happened to you? You momma drop you on your head at birth?}
{200}{}{Run, Fools, while you still have a chance to live.}
{201}{}{Hey, Rayze, hunting season just openned, and Fools are on the list of dumb animals.}
{202}{}{Hey guys, leave a Fool for me to kill.}
{203}{}{The Crypts will bury you!}
{204}{}{Fools got no reason to live.}
{205}{}{The Foolish shall perish.}
{206}{}{Look who got hit with the ugly stick.}
{207}{}{You going to get buried, Fool!}
{208}{}{I am going to kick some serious ass! I am ready to ruuummmblllle!}
{209}{}{Crypts rule! And Fools drool!}
{210}{}{We are the bringers of death!}
{211}{}{Don't worry, it'll be quick and painful!}
{213}{}{The Brahmin have more sense than a Fool.}
{214}{}{The Fools are so weak, even Lex can beat them all up.}
{215}{}{Haha! More fools to kill!!}
{216}{}{The only thing you Fools will rule is a tombstone.}
{217}{}{It's about time. I've been waiting for this.}
{218}{}{Even Lenny has better aim than you.}
{219}{}{Eat lead fools.}
{220}{}{I'll mount your head on a spike.}
{300}{}{Hey! The generator is broken. Let's leave this dump.}
{400}{}{With the generator broken, there is little reason for the gangs to fight over Scrapheap. Your job here is done, but your mission to find the
water purification chip continues.}
{402}{}{With the gangs defeated, Scrapheap is a safe haven once again.}

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