Iron Mountain is an area mentioned by the PoseidoNet terminal in Gecko's nuclear power plant.[1] It is at least a portion of Enclave Main Comm., and is listed as "operational" by 2242.


Iron Mountain is mentioned in Fallout 2, but does not actually appear in any game.

Behind the scenesEdit

There are several such Iron Mountains in the United States; one is a short 9 mile walk to the northwest of Redding, fairly close to Arroyo and Navarro. Another Iron Mountain, located in Utah, is a part of NORAD along with Cheyenne Mountain. However, it is most likely that the location is a reference to the Report from Iron Mountain satirical book.


  1. Reactor maintenance terminal message file: "{350}{}{Searching Comlinks... Searching... Iron Mountain... Offline, NORAD... Offline, SAC... Offline. Searching PoseidoNet... --More?--}"