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The Irish Pride Industries shipyard terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in the Irish Pride Industries shipyard in Fallout 4.

Rory's terminalEdit


USER: Rory Rigwell

Peace, Joy, and Mirelurks!

Breeding NotesEdit


It's amazing how far the colony has come since the first orphan hatchlings. I was so worried the Mirelurks wouldn't survive, but they've done the opposite, they've thrived! I like to think it's because of my positive energy and love.

Feeding NotesEdit


They're always so hungry, my little Murkies. I have to remember to throw their food away from myself, they almost pinched me again the other day. They don't know what they're doing, the poor things.

Security NotesEdit


I've decided to keep byIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic trunk of valuables in the Mirelurk nest under the ship for safe keeping, but I have to be more careful. Some bad people snuck in the other day (despite my warnings!) and my Murkies did something dreadful. I'm glad none of my pets got hurt, but it was frightening to see them kill so casually. Must work more on their training!

Announcement SystemEdit


Only positive messages for my Mirelurks!

Turn Announcements OnEdit


Turning Announcements On...

Turn Announcements OffEdit


Turning Announcements Off...

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