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The Irish Pride Industries shipyard is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


A run down shipyard located directly north of Bunker Hill, across the water. The building is not too big and mainly comprised of a dry dock with a fishing boat in the middle, aside from an office and lobby area.

It was once owned by the late Rory Rigwell, who apparently removed himself from the gene pool by trying to raise and train mirelurks as pets. For this purpose, he set up an announcement system from the terminal in the pilothouse of the boat so that the site is constantly ringing with good-natured positive messages for the mirelurks. He affectionately calls them "murkies," to be good, and not to pinch.

The terminal lists the progress he made with his "pets" in a rather deluded way, hinting at a stash with his personal belongings he stowed away in the mirelurks' lair for safe-keeping after he witnesses his murkies kill a group of intruders with casual ease. His body is found along with that stash in the southeast corner of the drydock floor, off the stern on the starboard side, with a key for the doors in the building. Additional 'murkies' will spawn when the floor of the drydock floor is explored.

There are a total of four leveled mirelurks (mostly in the area under the boat), three clusters of mirelurk eggs that will spawn hatchlings when disturbed and a couple of loose mirelurk hatchlings crawling around.

Notable lootEdit

  • Taboo Tattoos issue #12 - On a metal table, inside the docked ship, in the shipyard interior.
  • Several bags of cement - About three bags are in one of the yellow containers parked around the ship and several bags are on the top shelf of a shelving unit near the ship. These are easiest to reach if climbing the stairs in the area next to the ship and hopping onto the pipe.
  • Irish Pride key - On Rory Rigwell, opens a door.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On the table when coming in from the eastern entrance.


  • The positive messages playing over the speakers can be turned off using the terminal in the boat inside the Shipyard.
  • In the southeast corner (behind the red storage containers), a cart containing a teddy bear playing checkers with a skeleton can be found. A caps stash can be found on the floor nearby.
  • Using the pipes to reach the roof on the northeast office, a duffle bag with random loot and a caps stash are hidden above.
  • Cait will comment "This idiot got what was coming to him," upon seeing Rory's dead body.
  • Hancock will comment "You should have picked your friends more wisely, pal," upon seeing Rory's dead body.
  • Curie will comment "Domestication of mirelurks may be impossible. Interesting." upon seeing Rory's dead body.
  • Nick will comment "I expect he'd wished he kept birds right now," upon seeing Rory's dead body.
  • Deacon will comment "Dogmeat, don't get any ideas," upon seeing Rory's dead body (even though you can only have one companion).
  • Piper will comment "Nasty way to go." upon seeing Rory's dead body.
  • MacCready will comment "This idiot was trying to pal around with a bunch of mirelurks?" upon seeing Rory's dead body.
  • Preston will ask "Do you think he was trying to tame them?" (or similar) upon seeing Rory's dead body.


The Irish Pride Industries shipyard appears only in Fallout 4.


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