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An intercontinental ballistic missile (often abbreviated ICBM or Minuteman 11) is a world object in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


The ICBM is a ballistic missile with a long range typically designed to deliver a nuclear payload (usually one or more nuclear warheads). The missile launches up into low orbit, where it can then deploy one or more nuclear warheads on almost any location on the planet. They could be fitted with a variety of payloads, ranging from high explosive to biowarfare loadouts, but the most common were nuclear warheads. A typical ICBM has a blast radius of several miles, and a fallout range of even further, depending on the explosive yield the warhead contains.

Fallout 3Edit

ICBM silos can be found throughout the Capital Wasteland. A (non-functional) ICBM launch terminal, launch codes, and facility can be found at Fort Constantine. The launch codes are for a Minuteman XI missile.

Fallout: New VegasEdit

Raul Tejada recalls seeing Mr. House's anti-missile defense systems shoot down Chinese ICBM's during his unmarked quest Old School Ghoul.[1]

ICBMs can also be seen throughout the Divide, stationary and while in flight before detonating, and their warheads can also be seen and detonated.

Behind the scenesEdit

The general design of the ICBMs seen in Lonesome Road resembles a combination of the SM-65 Atlas and the LGM-25 Titan-II, despite being of the LGM-30 Minuteman lineage.

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  1. The Courier: "Can you tell me anything about Mr. House?"
    Raul Tejada's dialogue: "Just how old do you think I am, boss? Because I can pretty much guarantee I'm older than that. Let me tell you a story from before the Great War: Everybody knew Robert House. He was a genius. A superstar. Founded RobCo at 22, dated Hollywood starlets, the works. They say he saved Las Vegas. I was in Mexico City when the bombs dropped. Even from there, we could see House's defensive rockets shooting down the incoming missiles. Everybody assumed he died in the War. Maybe he did. But his robots are still out there, roaming the Wastes. And now, a Mr. House rules New Vegas."