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For an overview of InstaMash in the Fallout series of games, see InstaMash.

InstaMash and preserved InstaMash are consumable items featured in Fallout 4.


InstaMash comes in a rectangular box, with what appears to be an electrical unit installed at the rear. As the name suggests this is most likely a potato-based food product.

Although it heals 20 hit points, there is also a cost of 7 Rads added to the Sole Survivor's rad meter. As such consumption in large quantities, without taking precautions could prove fatal.

Preserved InstaMash can be found rarely in the Commonwealth, but can be manufactured in the food processor. Consuming preserved InstaMash will heal for 45 hit points without a rad penalty.


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Preserved InstaMash (1)


  • Regular Instamash can be found on the metal shelf in front of the radio in the root cellar.
  • Three preserved can be found inside Vault 114.
  • A preserved Instamash In the basement of Cabot House.


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