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Inside Job is a Minutemen main quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Minutemen main quest: Inside Job
Talk to Sturges.
Teleport to Institute.
Find a terminal.
Insert the network scanner holotape.
Return to Sturges in Sanctuary Hills.
Reward: 300 XP
Leads to: Form Ranks

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Once you are teleported into the Institute, go forward until you reach a terminal. It should be facing the opposite way of the direction you came in through. Access the terminal and insert the network scanner. Pick the option to scan the network, and after the scan is complete, the holotape should automatically return to your inventory upon leaving the terminal. Now, all you need to do is return to Sturges back in Sanctuary Hills. Note that you will not be able to return to Sanctuary Hills before scanning the network at the Institute.

Quest stagesEdit

5 Quest active
50 Retrieve the network scanner holotape
100 Insert network scanner holotape into Institute terminal
200Quest finishedIcon checkGive the holotape to Sturges



  • xboxoneIcon xboxone ps4Icon ps4 pcIcon pc Proctor Ingram may not give the holotape back. On PC Version a fix is to open the console, click on Proctor Ingram and type "drop 136331 1" to force her to drop it out of her inventory. it is possible for console users to pickpocket to retrieve it. [verified].
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If using a Xbox controller on a PC the on screen instructions to press X to insert the holotape are wrong. The correct instruction should be press A to insert the holotape and X to remove it. Rules minded people can appear to be stuck in the Institute if trying to follow the instructions.

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