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Inquisitor of Atom is a perk in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


This perk is given as a possible reward for the quest Cleansing the Land for destroying Far Harbor on behalf of the Children of Atom.

If either The Heretic or Witch Hunt were resolved aggressively, the player will receive the title 'Inquisitor' and the perk Inquisitor of Atom as rewards. If they resolved both quests peacefully, failed them, or avoided them altogether, they will instead receive the title 'Crusader' and the perk Crusader of Atom. Both perks have the same effects, and the difference is merely how some NPCs address the Sole Survivor.


Provides a bonus to your weapon's damage. The higher your Rads, the higher the bonus, up to a maximum of +100% at >300 Rads.


The bonus damage applies to ballistic damage, energy damage and pure radiation damage only and does not affect explosive damage and radiation poisoning damage. In this sense, it is exactly like Bloody Mess.

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