Ink container is a quest item found in the Arlington library media archive, usable in the Stealing Independence quest if you choose to give it to Button Gwinnett. If you do choose to give it to him, he will use it to make a second copy of the Declaration of Independence. Although, it will still stay in your inventory even if you give it to him. This item cannot be dropped until the quest is either completed or failed.

The room which contains the ink container looks heavily fortified due to all the barbed wire and sandbags. The ink in question is in a metal box on a table towards the back of the room marked 'Restoration Supplies'.


Though it no longer serves any purpose, this item is still found in the game files for Fallout: New Vegas.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The container may disappear from your inventory, despite taking up 1 weight. Upon entering the room with Button, the item will suddenly reappear in the inventory again. [verified]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 pcIcon pc When picked up prior to talking to Button, during Stealing Independence, the ink container will stay in your inventory indefinitely. Unfortunately, being captured by the Enclave during The American Dream will not remove it from your inventory, despite the fact that your inventory is emptied at the start of the quest. It will not get removed from your inventory when you start the Not of This World quest (Mothership Zeta). [verified]
    • xbox360Icon xbox360 Disabling or destroying Button will let you drop the ink, but results in negative Karma (-100).
    • pcIcon pc Type player.removeitem 3aa2 1 in the console to remove the item, or setquestobject 3aa2 0 to remove the "quest flag" making the item removable.