The home of Bob's Iguana Bits. What's not to love about fresh-roasted iguana?— In-game description Iguana Bob Frazier's stand

Iguana stands are found in Fallout and Fallout 2.


The iguana stand can be located in the Hub where it is under the proprietorship of Iguana Bob who sells iguana-on-a-stick and prime choice cuts of iguana meat under the brand of "Bobs Iguana Bits". Iguana Bob is in turn the subject of a quest regarding the ingredients of his products.

Fallout 2Edit

The iguana stand appears in the NCR Bazaar as "Son of Bobs Iguana Bits" and occasionally in random encounters near the Den. Although iguana bits can be purchased at the NCR stand, its presence seems to be a cameo as there do not appear to be any linked quests.