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For an overview of Nuka-Cola soda in the Fallout series of games, see Nuka-Cola.
As promised... here is a little pick-me-up. An Ice Cold Nuka-Cola! Just look at the frost on the bottle. So cold and delicious!Sierra Petrovita

Ice cold Nuka-Cola is a variant of Nuka-Cola, and a consumable item in Fallout 3.


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Nuka-Cola was invented in 2044 by John-Caleb Bradberton. Its unique taste gained widespread popularity, quickly becoming the most popular soft drink in the United States with an extremely dedicated following. The widely known dazzling blue bottle color was adopted as standard in 2052, after market research programs indicated that the blue color was the favorite in 86 people out of 100 polled.

The ingredients of Nuka-Cola include: carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate (to protect taste), natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine. What gives it a unique flavor is the essence of seventeen different fruits mixed in just the right proportion to give the beverage its trademark taste. Some versions of the drink also include vita-minerals and health tonics. During the Great Passion Fruit Famine of 2044, people actually noticed the taste difference when the recipe was changed.

By 2067, vending machines with ice cold Nuka-Cola could be found on virtually every street in America, and even an amusement park in the Commonwealth. Nuka-Cola was the most popular flavored soft drink in the United States before the Great War. After the War, Nuka-Cola remains one of the most popular soft drinks of the post-nuclear world, as much of it was preserved in a fairly pristine state, although it tends to be warm, irradiated, and flat. In Fallout 4, Nuka-Cola bottles take on a newer look.


It is created by placing a bottle of the standard soda in a pristine Nuka-Cola machine. It gives you 20 HP (24 HP with the food sanitizer) and 3 Rads, twice the health gain of regular Nuka-Cola. The machine can be bought for your Megaton house or Tenpenny Tower suite. It comes stocked with 8 ice cold Nuka-Colas, and can be restocked by you throughout the game.



  • An ice cold Nuka-Cola can be obtained by taking Sierra Petrovita's Nuka-Cola tour.
  • There are several more in Sierra's Nuka-Cola fridge, but they must be stolen.
  • The pristine Nuka-Cola machine for your house turns any regular Nuka-Cola put into it into ice cold Nuka-Cola.


  • Consuming a bottle of an ice cold Nuka-Cola provides a single bottle cap, just like any other Nuka-Cola product.
  • If your Nuka-Cola is ice cold, you can't trade it to Zip in Little Lamplight.
  • Ice cold Nuka-Cola will never get warm. It will stay chilled indefinitely.
  • Nuka-Cola can't be chilled by conventional means, thus why the ordinary fridges throughout the wastes do not hold any in their inventory. Assuming the ordinary fridges still work to begin with.
  • Ice cold Nuka-Colas cannot be used for Quantum Chemist perk, so do not put them in your vending machine if you plan to utilize this perk. (You can put them in the vending machine, just choose the option to grab an ice cold Nuka-Cola then place whatever you want from your inventory into the machine, and the Nuka-Colas will not turn ice cold).
  • Despite the boosted effects, it has the same value of regular Nuka-Cola.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum cannot turn ice cold if the player places it in the machine when they choose the option grab an ice cold Nuka-Cola then place it in, and Nuka-Cola Quantums will not be removed when the player deposits their Nuka-Colas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • During the 2008 E3 as a promotional item, people were given a real drinkable version of Nuka-Cola. It greatly resembles the 1950s look of the Coca-Cola brand bottles.
  • During 2015/2016 a real version of Nuka Cola Quantum could be purchased online and in Target stores worldwide.
  • The name of the Nuka-Cola creator, John-Caleb Bradberton, is an amalgamation of the inventors of Coca-Cola (John Pemberton) and Pepsi-Cola (Caleb Bradham).
  • Its logos, bottle designs, market crash, and even its name are heavily based on Coca-Cola.