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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{100}{}{You see a Paladin.}
{101}{}{Sorry, we're on alert. I can't talk right now.}
{102}{}{Do you see anything.}
{103}{}{Those mutants will pay for what they did.}
{104}{}{Don't worry, we have everything under control.}
{105}{}{I wouldn't stick around here if I were you Initiate, there's likely to be more bloodshed.}
{106}{}{Keep an eye out for us Initiate.}
{107}{}{I wouldn't stick around here if I were you stranger, there's likely to be more bloodshed.}
{108}{}{Keep an eye out stranger, trouble's brewing.}
{110}{}{Do not distract me, we're on alert.}
{111}{}{Keep quite.}
{112}{}{Stop wasting my time, initiate.}
{113}{}{Button your hatch stranger.}
{114}{}{Beat it stranger, before there's more bloodshed.}
{115}{}{This world should be cleansed of these vile abominations.}
{116}{}{What was that?}
{117}{}{My feet hurt.}
{118}{}{They will pay for this...}
{119}{}{Let them try that again.}
{120}{}{What the... Oh, it's nothing.}
{121}{}{Stay alert!}
{200}{}{Bob, what's your status?}
{201}{}{All clear.}
{202}{}{I don't think they're coming back.}
{203}{}{Don't count on it.}
{204}{}{Have we heard back from the scouts?}
{205}{}{Not yet.}
{206}{}{Scouts report that everything is clear.}
{208}{}{So, what were you working on this morning Ray?}
{209}{}{Just trying to increase the range on the plasma rifle.}
{210}{}{Have you checked out the Gatling laser?}
{211}{}{Yea, I assisted with the first prototype.}
{212}{}{Quit with the chatter!}
{213}{}{Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.}

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