Hyde Park is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is a flooded market town protected by raiders on rooftops.


This area is a flooded town. Crude catwalks traverse the buildings, the way up starts on the northeast side.

Notable lootEdit

  • Grognak the Barbarian issue #9 - On the tallest rooftop which is towards the most southern end of the town, on a safe. The safe is just behind a single red chair in a small shelter, and has candles on top: it doesn't look like a safe at first glance.
  • Signed, your neighbors - Paper note, on the same rooftop as the magazine, on top of the mattress.
  • Day Tripper - Between a mirror and a toilet in a partially destroyed house northeast of the main road.

Related questEdit


The church on the southwest end of the town is a battle area which can feature the Brotherhood of Steel, super mutants and raiders as combatants.


Hyde Park only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

The location is based on the real-world location of Hyde Park, a town annexed by the city of Boston.