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Huntress Island is a small island located next to Mount Desert Island and Cranberry Island in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


This small forested island has a few scattered small wreckages of buildings and a few park tables. It is inhabited by hostile wild animals, including several yao guai, irradiated wolves and radstags. There is a fallen log connecting the island to Cranberry Island.

There are a few wrecked boats off the northeast shore of the island. One of the boats is leaking oil, which is on fire. Another smaller boat has a couple of garden gnomes on it, which appear to be net-fishing for humans. There are more gnomes on the rocks in the midst of the burning oil, trying to set a box of explosives on fire using dry reeds and molotov cocktails. On the southern part of the island is a smaller second island connected by a fallen tree. Inside a small shack is a mannequin holding a machete, and a bloody decapitated skeleton with its hands tied behind its back.

Notable lootEdit

  • Love letter to Bridget - To the south on a bench next to a skeleton.
  • Overdue book - Next to the love letter to Bridget.
  • Two Day Tripper chems directly east from the bench. They are located between two skeletons, under a tree at the east coast of the island.


Huntress Island appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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