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The Hubologist's camp is a location in Nuka-World in 2287. This base is built upon the remains of a diner, and it's where the Hubologists live.


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Notable lootEdit


  • The player can let themselves get 'alligned' in exchange for caps, up to rank AHS-3. Payment can be skipped for the 50 or 100 caps after passing a speech-check. Each 'allignment' destroying so called 'neurodynes' through the use of zeta radiation. After reaching level 3, Phil Roller will inform the player that to be allowed to the next level, they must procede in the Trip to the Stars quests first and capture the junkyard. After doing so the chair and computer used for allignment are moved to the barn in the Nuka-World junkyard where you can continue (or begin if you hadn't already) your allignments up to a maximum level of AHS-8. Getting alligned doesn't actually seem to do anything, other than costing you caps and subjecting you to doses of rads. They will however reveal more of their beliefs and plan with each allignment. The costs of all allignment are: 50-100-250-500-1000-2500-5000-10000


The Hubologist's camp appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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