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Hotel Rexford is a location in Goodneighbor in 2287. This is the base of operations for Marowski.


The hotel has an entry area where you can rent a room, an office with Marowski in it, a second floor with nothing of note and a third floor with rooms and the Vault-Tec rep. Additionally there's a basement with Fred Allen's terminal and minor loot.


  • Marowski - If you completed Diamond City Blues by leaving Trish alive then Marowski will recognize you as the person who stole his chems, even if Cooke killed Trish - He will demand restitution of 2000 caps and give you a week to get it. A difficult persuasion check can lower it to 1000. Refusing causes him to kick you out of his office. If the player has killed Trish, he seems not to recognize you, and spouts generic responses instead.
  • Vault-Tec rep - You can speak to the rep about yourself and your experience with Vault 111 and he will share what happened to himself when the bombs fell. If the player wishes to help him out, they must pass a speech check (easy) to convince the rep into joining them in Sanctuary Hills.
  • Fred Allen - Fred is the local chems dealer. He can give you a miscellaneous quest to retrieve toxic gas from HalluciGen, Inc.
  • Clair Hutchins - Rents rooms and gives you some history of the hotel.
  • Rufus Rubins - Rufus is a merchant that sells junk. He gives the quest Trouble Brewin'.
  • Stan Slavin - Marowski's bodyguard.
  • Hotel workers, employees of the hotel.

Notable lootEdit


Hotel Rexford appears only in Fallout 4.