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The hotel is an unmarked location in Fallout 3.


Known only as "hotel", this location is used by the Brotherhood of Steel as an outpost and can be found at Pennsylvania Avenue, near Penn. Ave/Georgetown Metro and the White House.

Outside the hotel on first arrival, 3 Brotherhood of Steel paladins are fighting super mutants. There is no special dialogue or quest activation, the Lone Wanderer can either help them or watch them fight alone against the super mutants.

Immediately left through the first doorway there is a rigged shotgun and a lone paladin sleeping on the bed inside. Setting off the shotgun awakes him or her, but despite being in a combat stance they do not turn hostile. They begin to walk around the rather small hotel.

The accessible area of the hotel is very small. This is due to a collapsed ceiling which blocks off access to anything other than a small entrance room and the hotel lobby.

Notable lootEdit


Be aware that obtaining the skill book inside is considered stealing, unless Broken Steel is installed and Take it Back! has been completed.


This hotel appears only in Fallout 3.