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Hornwright Industrial was a pre-War company that operated in West Virginia.


Hornwright Industrial was a major mining company in West Virginia. The former senator Sam Blackwell started his political career as a union activist who brokered deals between the company and disenfranchised miners.[1]

Hornwright Industrial partnered with Atomic Mining Services to produce the Auto-Miner, a robot which beat Garrahan Mining's excavator power armor in a heavily advertised contest.

Hornwright's heavy focus on automation and lack of regard for people led to it being suspected of financing Ballot Measure 6, which was intended to completely automate local governments in West Virginia.[2]

Their main office was located at the Hornwright Industrial headquarters. The Hornwright family had personal residences at Hornwright Estate and Hornwright summer villa.


Hornwright Industrial is mentioned only in Fallout 76.