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Hopeville silo bunker entrance
Hopeville Missile Silo Entrance
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The Hopeville silo bunker entrance is a location in the Divide in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. It leads to the Hopeville missile silo bunker which is part of the Hopeville Missile Base, which was operated by the Ballistic Defense Division of the Commonwealth Defense Administration.


After reaching the end of the pass to Canyon Wreckage, there is the Hopeville silo bunker entrance which leads to the Hopeville missile silo. The Hopeville missile silo is a large facility, extending all the way on the other side of the map. The entrance is a standard bunker door leading onto a hallway that leads into the main room. On the right is a door that leads to a bot pod, unlocking the ED-E copy. A RALPHIE poster for the Feel Like A Kid Again challenge is found next to the computer used to activate ED-E. On the left is an L shaped hallway with a maintenance closet. Leading onto the silo door is a broken duraframe eyebot. In the center of both rooms is large computer like system to restore electricity to the building and giving access to the latter of the two rooms. Beyond the door is the missile. There is a terminal on the far right that can deactivate a sentry bot in the next room.

Notable lootEdit

  • Eyebot upgrade circuit board for the ED-Ecated challenge lying in the middle of the hallway behind the door to the left of the entrance, looted from a destroyed eyebot.
  • Dean's Electronics on the bottom level in the central part of the silo, face left at the bottom of the stairs and the book will be to the right of the upside-down locked desk (easy) against the wall.
  • US Army General outfit on the body of General Martin Retslaf behind his desk on the top level.
  • Across from the terminal that releases ED-E is an arc welder on a shelf.
  • On the second level at the top of the stairs is a room defended by several turrets and a sentry bot. Two security holotapes and a Plasma Defender in the desks can remove the locks on a turret and Martin Retslaf's terminal.
  • Inside the silo (holding the rocket), to the left in the corner, is an overturned desk next to the stairs leading up. The desk is locked (easy) and contains the Hopeville Silo - 2nd level security code. It removes the lock on the turret control terminal one level up.
  • Two Nuka-Cola Quartzes, one is next to the maintenance bot control terminal (south side), and the other is inside the room with the sentry bot, under a desk in a box with two regular Nuka-Colas.


Given the solid construction of an ICBM bunker, coupled with its construction inside of a mountain, the entire facility has an alarming tilt, likely caused by the massive upheaval of the Divide's formation.


The Hopeville silo bunker entrance appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


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