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The Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This location consists of a church buried by the wasteland, which can be accessed by either dropping through the roof, or jumping onto the steeple platform and walking down the stairs. The church is filled with a variety of ghouls, which may have been the visitors of the church at the time the bombs fell. A bus can be found on the lower level where the entrance to the church once was. To leave the building, climb up the spire and jump out.

Notable lootEdit


  • This is the origin of the unintelligible radio signal that can be received once relay tower 0DB-521 has been extended. Switching off the ham radio located on the second level causes the signal to cease transmitting.
  • One can drop a mine from the gaps in the roof into the ghoul-filled room or just shoot the floor, which will ignite the gas on the floor.


The Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church only appears in Fallout 4.


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